It’s been a while!

30 Sep

I’ve been looking for inspiration, I suppose you could say I could be a terrible procrastinator. At #TMCollab last week, I got the advice from some amazing educators to just write. And therefore here I am here, writing my first full blown blog.

In some ways it is an amazing time to be a teacher. I am always in awe at the utter creativity and passion that so many of my great profession display. This was plain to see at last week’s #TMCollab, when many colleagues (and Twitter heroes) presented and displayed their passion for learning and ongoing CPD, which is the mark of truly talented educators.

As I sit here, with a streaming cold and a pile of marking just grinning at me deviously, I cannot help to think of the the tumultuous and confusing arena that teachers have to navigate. It seems to me that education has never been more political than it is now.

As an experienced English teacher going into her 13th year (that’s gone fast!) I now hold a lack of trust in the whole mechanisms of the examination culture which I am a part of. Whether it be the moving of examination grade boundaries, to the tinkering of controlled assessments and speaking and listening grades.

I always held the people who looked after and oversaw the examination industry with a degree of trust. However, I only now feel I can question. My students should be taught within a fair system of transparency, mutual respect and trust. I don’t see or feel anything like that coming from those in their Whitehall towers.

Teaching has always been something I love, and have always felt passionately that my students should have the opportunity to achieve their goals. I sadly feel that because of the growing gulf between the teaching community and the political agendas of those people who work in Whitehall offices (and never worked in our fine schools) pupils are given a tough time.

I have hope though. Our schools are filled with such talented educators, many whom I saw at #TMCollab last week. With such passion and talent, our young people will be supported whatever the political upheaval.

So I keep teaching and planning and marking and learning. That’s my job.


One Response to “It’s been a while!”

  1. Jill Berry October 3, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    Keep being positive and don’t let them grind you down!

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